Tinkering with Raspberry (and other things)

And so it begins

The very first thing coming to my mind when I saw the Raspberry Pi was: Cool, I am going to build a retro-style Cocktail-Table Arcade Cabinet. No problem with heating and fans, small powersupply etc. So I ordered some stuff from Reichelt for a start. As always I needed the “bigger package”, because it makes no sense to discover in the midst of tinkering that some little thingie is lacking. So the list grew to some extent. And, I couldn’t believe it myself, I had no spare keyboard with USB cable lying around, so I needed to order this too. The final list:

  • Raspberry Pi (of course, sadly I ordered only one…)
  • USB keyboard (real bargain)
  • WLan-N dongle (hey, less cables means greater “Women’s Acceptance Factor means more tinkering allowed)
  • Case for Raspberry (moving bare PCBs  around with power on is a bad idea)
  • Asahi 31238 38kHz IR-receiver (of course this is going to get a remote)

Fortunately all those things arrived 3 days later. It shoud have been two days, but for some reason the Deutsche Post decided to keep my package (that they had loaded on their truck on day 2) for another day. Enough time to try and get a Raspbian image running in a virtual machine. Not easy, I can tell you. I had no idea that my Mac can display “Kernel Panik” messages.


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