Tinkering with Raspberry (and other things)

Retro Cocktail Table Arcade Thing (not)

As I said, my first idea when seeing the Raspberry was to build a retro gaming machine. I still love all these old arcade games you can just play along for some time if you like. No building up characters or having to complete n matches to get more money/cars/whatever. Just play.

There are numerous projects out there how to build this stuff. I personally like this one on IKEA Hackers best. Cheap table and easy to build. With the RetroPie Project it is as easy as downloading an SD-card image and you are ready to go. Connecting an old Playstation3 bluetooth controller to it is just as easy with this excellent tutorial.

Sound is not the best, so I recommend using a cheap USB-Audio adapter you can get for a few bucks. No need for HiFi quality, it’s a retro machine.

Now the sad part is, I postponed the project for several reasons:

  • VICE is not running smoothely (expected that)
  • my favourite games do not work
  • more thorough planning is needed (joysticks, buttons and so on)
  • my companion made me repeat the sentence “You will not cut holes in tables!” three times 🙂

Clearly, she is only referring to existing furniture. So buying a new one is a solution here. But I will keep that project for later.

In the meantime I am going to try and transfer every display in the house that is accessible via WLan/Lan/whatever into an information display. So there is definitely more to come!


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