Tinkering with Raspberry (and other things)

Why this?

thomas_miiFirst things first: I decided to write this blog in English, because if I am ever going to publish this, as much people as possible should benefit. Second, when tinkering and programming I have the rather odd habit of making all my notes in English, too. No idea why, perhaps another identity taking over. Most surely the same that tells me that spending money on gadgets is worth it. Always…

I love tinkering with all sorts of things. In case they do have a display and expose some interface I am most likely going to try and hack/unscrew/tinker it. Amongst my most valuable (in terms of tinkerable) things are two Soundbridges (Roku and Pinnacle). These were tube-shaped Internet radios with UPNP-player capabilites from the old times. One does not need to create an account to save favourites, one does not have to subscribe to any service to listen or to even start the thing up. And (remember the first sentence?) it has open telnet ports.
Add a Popcorn Hour (first generation), some Arduinos and loads of other stuff packed away in what my friends call “the Evidence Vault”.

So the Raspberry Pi was a must-have. Really. And after playing along with it I realized that my notes on trials and errors grew steadily. At that point I decided to create a blog. Not only to remind myself but to let others participate in what I think is great fun: tinkering things.

Curious about me?

OK, the short version. With 40+ years a little bit like a “silver back” of gadgeteering, Diploma as Physicist, Doctor’s degree in Pharmacy. Addicted to computers and electronics since I fought real hard to get a ZX-81 for self-assembly as a christmas present at the age of 14. Do some math and you will see that this was rather unusual at that time… Well, and this never stopped.


One thought on “Why this?

  1. NIce! started on ZX spectrum when I was maybe 10. And that was looong time ago.

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