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Quick Tip: Which Bluetooth Services Does My Mobile Phone Offer

Ok, this has nothing to do with either the Raspberry Pi or any Android device but I think it may be helpful. At least it is for me.


I own a car with a rather expensive and somewhat “feature rich” hands-free equipment. It is capable of using the normal hands-free profile (HFP) or, and that is my preferred connection method, something called “rSAP” (remote SIM Access Profile). This means that the phone transfers the SIM credentials to the car’s system and this is then acting as a mobile phone with my SIM-card inserted (when, in fact, my SIM card stays in the mobile phone). The advantage of using this profile/technology is that the car uses its own outside antenna thus having less electromagnetic signals inside the car and a much better reception of signals.
As I came to understand the rSAP technology is not much used outside Germany/Europe. In fact, from discussions with friends from the US I came to the conclusion that rSAP is fairly unknown there. Continue reading


Something completely different

It is summer in Germany and so I am spending less time inside and some more time outside. Not very nerdy, but healthy. And it gives me the time to enjoy my other hobby, apart from tinkering stuff: photography. I started about 30 years ago with a Canon AE1 that I bought in used condition. It lay unused at my parents’ house for nearly 10 years and (Hooray) one week ago found its way to me again. And I am extremely happy, because it still works fine and has no visible signs of its age. It does not even have the famous “Canon shutter squeal“, so many of its brothers and sisters are suffering.

But this is not about my analogue cameras, this is about a little helper I programmed to help me keep my digital and digitized images in order. Continue reading