Tinkering with Raspberry (and other things)

Rejected Gadgets

I mentioned my “Evidence Vault” on my “Why This?” page. Today I haven been in the attic, looking for some stuff and stumbled over an old webcam and an infrared dongle. Cool!

No, not really. They do not work with the Raspberry. It seems that most of my old stuff is just that: so old that it is not recognized by any new system. Perhaps I need to buy a mainframe. But I have no spare space…

So I decided to keep an extra page for things that do not work. You are more than welcome to correct me on any gadget mentioned here.


quickcamzoomI found this old webcam. It’s a Logitech Quickcam Zoom. It gets recognized so I was very confident to get it working. The kernel did load all modules and created a /dev/video0 device for the camera.

Trying to get this to work with fswebcam did only result in timeouts and errors. As I am running the Raspberry headless, I did not check other webcam software that relies on X.

When starting fswebcam the green LED on the camera is switched on, so there is communication. But when fswebcam tries to acquire frames it fails.

I searched around the web and found a lot of postings and comments that mentioned problems with this webcam.

So, there you go. Gadget rejected, goes back to Evidence Vault.


irdaSecond gadget from Evidence Vault. When I found this I thought “Coool, infrared remote control!”

Nope, this thing is so old, I do not even remember why I bought it. As it only understands IrDA, I suspect it has something to do with saving calender and address book entries from an old Nokia phone. They had infrared back in the days.

This thing does not even get recognized by the kernel, i can’t find any information whatsoever on the Web, so it’s a no-go.

Gadget rejected. Back to Vault.


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